On the importance of Attitude and Perseverance.




Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” — Winston Churchill: “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other” — Walter Elliot.

I’m not a quitter – and never have been – I believe in following things right up to their logical end.

These photos here, I took now – as my last few facebook and instagram posts have again reminded me of these pillars to my self assurance: are also testament that I didn’t choose the perceptibly easy way out to become a writer because I couldn’t cope in the world I was accustomed to.
It’s been my attitude – to not give up, till I’m successful in what I set out to do. It is these varied reinforcements here that mentally goaded me – whenever I began to feel like a complete failure to the world – for trying to become a writer at such a late age.

These statements remind me, I didn’t run away from corporate assignments when I thought they were challenging…but yes, I have quit some out of my long list rather fast – as they threatened to crush my self esteem. As to me, safeguarding your self assurance is the key to success in anything you might take up in life, however different from what you’ve ever done before. Success begets success.

When I thought I couldn’t see the stiff path ahead, to completing and publishing my two books, due to a constant haze of pessimism, discouragement and disbelief of family and close friends – who never ceased to remind me that I should not have quit my successful corporate assignment, I firmly decided to leave in December 2009 and ensure I didn’t have a fall back job as I would work much harder this way.
How can you give your best – how can you swim with firm strokes if you don’t take the complete plunge into sea – in not remaining clinging to the security of branches of trees by the shore!
I decided to give my decision to be a writer everything and more – especially my capacity to innovate and learn – that I had discovered at my jobs that were so different from each other.
That I could write, I knew – since I was a child, so that was my armour and moral strength, through the innumerable rejections in my writing career.

You don’t run away from challenges and become a writer, just because you think it is easier, cushier, more glamorous or lucrative. You give up your comfort zone and start out on a new climb late in life, if that’s what you’re sure about, after you’ve imbibed the attitude that you’re going to make it work somehow…whatever it takes…as you’ve always done so before.
So this little thing called attitude has been my priced takeaway from my numerous corporate assignments.
The first photo here, depicting my deepest sense of satisfaction- is my ‘moment of truth’: The precise moment when I tore open the courier envelope and held up the first copy of my debut novel in 2013.











I’ve vividly described the above experiences in the book below…that’s just released…available on flipkart.com and amazon.in (also in all countries)

Existences cover


One thought on “On the importance of Attitude and Perseverance.

  1. You are Truly Amazing
    You have a Great Attitude …that
    Redefines you as an Inspiring Role Model for Many..
    Lucky to met You
    Lucky to have Your First Book
    Lucky to be in touch with you

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