A Calcutta April Rain: Live life in the Moment.



 Sheets of rain blew over the broad asphalt road –

trying desperately to wash away layers of charcoal:

As thunder growled like a pride of hungry lions

feasting on a water buffalo in the woods under a full moon;

overpowering the faint white streaks of lightning –

no match to their shrieks of feline delight in cavorting,

by inciting the ferocious winds like a coalition of Cheetahs;

to chase the waves of rain as if they’re a parcel of white deer

running to escape their onslaught – ravenous and rapid,

cheered by the roaring delight of the lions of thunder

purveying the game of stranded men dodging like gladiators

to escape this chilling jungle howl through these showers.


The cars sped by urgently, as I stood gauging my plight,

for they didn’t want to be caught for the night, like I might —

under the corrugated tin shed of a car mechanics garage

that had come to my aid in rushing from this rain,

as I was far from home in the course of my evening walk.

But watching this rain derby with stranded men and women,

under the bright streetlights that compelled all our sights –

akin to watching gladiators at the ancient Roman Colosseum:

I realised, living in this moment, it was well worth my effort

to type these lines on my phone that till now had played notes,

and paint the beauty of this experience in my mind’s canvas,

even if I was threatened to be drenched to my very bones

with rain, gushing through slits on the overhead sheets of tin —

that thrashing me was unable to shock my insulated soul.


PS: As crazy as it may seem, I actually typed the first stanza on my phone, under this garage that drenched every bit but the spot where I stood…just the beauty of being able to think and write in this set up,  when I was so scared of the roof and sides of the tin garage collapsing on all of us, after a sheet blew up and hurt a woman standing beside me badly, made me so grateful for the ability to do so…this is how writing has enhanced my life and brightened my smile. 🙂 

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