The Kanchenjunga: On a Blue Stage



I woke up this morning to faint rays of sunlight –

that pervaded my senses in anticipatory delight,

for it was accompanied by the soft chilly breeze

and a chirping of a variety of birds enticing me.


I turned to my right side – and then sat upright

as the view from my window was like a painting:

It had splashes of colour a palette might contain –

with a painter mixing them to get his right shade.


At the epicentre, where the colours were intense –

there emerged in the sky a smudgy ball of orange

that gently expanded with the painters imagination;

while other colours framed his creation in homage.


I’d barely embraced this sunrise with all my senses;

the stray Lhasas urging me on with barks and whistle –

unable to drown the collective verve of chirping birds

in urging curtains of fog to lift on the dance of clouds.


The floating white wool-clouds as they nimbly danced –

dispersed now for the showstopper damsel to emerge:

Her striking white silhouette glistened amid cloud girls –

as on Darjeeling’s stage postured Kanchenjunga’s peaks.


I stood besotted at the poise of lofty mountainous crests –

glimmering of snow with a backdrop of bronze terrain:

around them the clouds danced as if elves in a fairy tale

to sunrays – as it were spotlights illuminating blue stage.


56965484_10157353166089974_4611031216303374336_n (1)






The above poem has gone into this book, details of which are in this link:












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