‘The Dude’



He comes and goes at will,

as he has an independent streak –

that won’t be enmeshed

in the ball of wool you throw at him,

in red and yellow colours

of love and concern –

even if it’s the biggest bowl of milk

or butter for that matter,

to woo his whims;

leave alone – your ability

to ground or ever possess him

and keep him as your pet.


I’ve named him – Dude,

as he’s got style and attitude,

also a flurry tail he’ll swish to curl

and with a flourish unfurl –

like it were a feather on his crown

that sets him distinctly apart

from the common feline breeds,

with his wide beckoning green eyes

that pull at your heartstrings:

And a bundle of antics – as he rolls

at your feet, rug, or in your bedroom –

licking himself clean off the muck,

his soft fluffy coat must surely pick up,

as he goes on neighborhood strolls –

to assert his independent free will,

at times not to be seen for a week.


He will then slyly creep back in –

when you’ve given up ever seeing him,

slithering up on your heart that’s mourning

when you drive back home one evening:

To tug at your dormant feelings

with his soft and guilty purring,

that you cannot ignore his histrionics;

so you will take him back into your heart

that’s still open and waiting to get entangled

over again – in his playfully sweet nothings,

just like you might have allowed

the many dandies you knew growing up –

to play with your love and girlish instincts –

that had not learned to ward off

those who play to test their desirability,

by repeatedly hurting others feelings –

brandishing a fake power and masculinity

they’re far from depicting with sincerity.


PS: Just scribbled this straight on my phone, after seeing Dude (in the photos) – our stray pet cat, who I thought was never coming back this time…I was relieved and happy to see him safe and sound, but after a few moments – decided to distance myself, though he looked guilty.

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