Media Reviews and Coverage of my debut novel, ‘Across Borders’

Across Borders cover

Across Borders was first published in November, 2013.  The republished version along with my 3 new books (cover photos below) – a novel, a collection of 26 short stories and 90 poems, are available globally on all sales distribution platforms enlisted here:

Sharing all the media reviews and reports for ‘Across Borders’ from over the last few years…adding the photos below, as I found the links are nonfunctional.

The Telegraph review of Across Borders:                              

The Hindu coverage of the Delhi Launch:                              

The New Indian Express, Sunday Magazine author interview:

On Across Borders – A letter from Dr P.V Krishnamoorthy, the first Director General of Doordarshan:                                                               

On Across Borders – compliments from Pranay Gupte (Author; biographer; historian; columnist):

The Times of India coverage of the Calcutta launch of Across Borders on the 7th of October, 2013:                                                                 

The Telegraph (3rd Nov, 13) – the Calcutta launch of Across Borders covered in the article – Border Ties:                                                                 

In the north east issue of the Telegraph:                       

The New Indian Express coverage of the Chennai launch of Across Borders:

The Hindu covers the Chennai Launch of Across Borders:           

The Times of India, Page 3, covers the Chennai launch of Across Bordersas ‘An Evening To Remember’ in the links below:                       

The Assam Tribune Review:                                                       

Pictures of the Calcutta launch at Oxford on 7th October, 2013: 2013:

Pictures of the Chennai Launch of Across Borders on the 14th of Nov, 2013:

Pictures of the Delhi Launch of Across Borders on 19th Dec, 2013:


The Calcutta Launch of Across Borders – on Youtube: – video 1 – video 2 – video 3 – video 4 – video 5

The Face Book Page Link:                                                                 


Excerpts from Across Borders, in the link below:


The New Books, are below: 



Entwined Lives cover

Existences cover

Fragments cover



The 5th book was released in 2021:

In Financial Express on Women’s Day…

The New Indian Express…

Business World:

The Midday:

It’s 31st August 2022…that’s almost ten years after, I’m uploading all the reviews that I have hard copies of as they seem to have disappeared online from the links I had shared earlier.

The Assam Tribune

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