Finding our Happy Space: A Rainbow.

“Where does the rainbow end / in your soul or on the horizon?” — Pablo Neruda.



Each one of us –

has within us – a place,

even if it seems

barely residual at times

and we have to look for it

deep inside our soul –

a spot where there’s joy.


If we find that source of light,

then dwell on it:

it will burn

the darkness of pain

we’ve nurtured –

and allowed to flourish 

by disseminating it to those

we encounter or deal with.


The rainbow of joy we paint,

with egoless humility –

will not only light up our lives,

but of those who step

into our Happy Space:

They will return,

seeking that sunshine

even in rainy days,

to thus fill our life

with renewed love –

taking away loneliness if any. 


It is positive thinking,

and actions – that brings

the lamp of happiness

into our hearts  – so we may

hold up its glow to eradicate

the ever increasing hate,

and darkness of intolerance; 

to light up the world.


“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both  ends.” —Author-Poet Aberjhani.


“Thoughts pass in my mind like flocks of ducks in the sky. I hear the voice of their wings.” — Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds Fireflies & Other poems.










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