Almost every Cloud has a Silver lining


Peach flowers gazed downwards shyly

through the green boughs dripping light –

fluorescent and bright, dazzling my sight;

stringing leaves in varied hued green light.


Dashes of lavender on the crust of a tree

that tenderly canopied the peach flowers –

were as if cajoling them on to a bridal bed

that was draped in well-manicured grass.


Large clouds seeming like parental masks

threatening to burst their shadowy forms –

on virginal flowers making love on a lawn:

by drowning their uninhibited true thirst.


As I stood watching this drama unfolding –

nature having lain out for me to partake in:

dazzling rays of sun as arch lights zoomed

on the bullying clouds, lining them in silver.



PS: This is in Shanti Niketan, at Rabindranath Tagore’s residence/museum…the play of clouds and sun was so fascinating, I wrote this spontaneously. 🙂




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