New Year Contemplation


‘New Year Contemplation’

Shower your abundance on us, oh lord,

bestow your graces benevolently:

May the year ahead bring peace and harmony,

also love, prosperity, equanimity, and glory.

Whether we’re brown or white doesn’t matter,

black and yellow only enhances our beauty:

So long as we see, the greenery that wraps us all –

doesn’t differentiate on sex, religion, nationality.

Let us see differences with love in the new year,

being judgmental only causes rift and anxiety –

clouding our minds and politicising our views,

turning our picturesque global greenhouse gory.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year (2020) – filled with Faith, Peace, Health, Love, moral and emotional Strength, Humanity and Unity.

#love #life #peace #mindfulness #healing #happiness #mentalhealth #equanimity #hope # #faith #contemplation

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#authorlife #poet #novelist #shortfictionwriter #literaryfiction #inspirational #motivational #literaryfictionauthor

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