Seasonal Flowers: Salvation of man is in Love.


Wishing you a very happy Valentine’s day with my thoughts today…


Seasonal flowers – they spring up on my face

as I walk in through my iron front gate,

enmeshing me – as if in a crocheted quilt

of magnificent colours streaked in sunbeam.


The warmth of their hues beckon me home,

in a haze of red, magenta, pink and yellow –

as appliqués embroidered on glistening grass,

stitched on a mounted frame of nostalgic past.


Bicolored marigolds, roses, sunflowers bloom –

amongst petunias of every conceivable hue:

showering their distinctive beauty and elegance,

in knowing they’ll die at the end of this season.


They exude such harmonious love and hope –

to cheer the most weary and pessimistic soul,

as they don’t care what you give them in return,

filling self centric hearts with unrequited love.


Kittens with flurry parents flock to our corridor,

awaiting portions of milk, Whiskas cat food –

even though they have a home to go back to:

like food – love too is rationed to one’s own!


An unconditional love I’ve learned to share –

with those who come into the realm of my heart:

makes me beneficiary of a world full of love

that I’m happy today – to impart to the world.


There’s immense satisfaction in giving your all –

without expectation of what’s given in return:

for love can be carried as pollen in your heart –

just like bees who feed on nectar from flowers.


Love is an ultimate goal to which one can aspire,

as salvation of man is through love and in love:

A prisoner who has nothing more to lose in life

may still know bliss in contemplation of his love.


It’s when you see love’s power and potency

in one conjuring up images of his truest love –

he might not see again as soldier, or prisoner,

you’ll value its worth to resuscitate a dying man.

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