‘Acquainted with Isolation’: in Lockdown



I’ve been acquainted with being on my own,

even when all around there was commotion –

on play fields, at lunch times, locker rooms

I have been alone with myself, my thoughts.


In my mind there’s always constant dialogue,

so I don’t need any external noise stimulants;

or the company of people hurling arguments –

trying to gain each other’s banal affirmations.


Yet I enjoy a sincere one on one conversation –

to listen to your soul as you do not your own,

for you’re not connected with your own core

in trying to mask from me or from your soul!


Isolation has been a choice I have made in life –

yet try me I’m deeply connected to this world:

for noisy, cluttered minds sink with judgement

in looking out to sea for lifeboats of validation.


My reactions to painful experiences in this life –

have been as if its milk boiling over with froth,

even if – bubbling over from my various facets:

as I don’t jump out – on stoves of pain it settles.


In trying to withstand life’s difficult situations

till I can withstand the searing heat no longer:

perhaps steaming in tears – I will calm down

to become immune to this virus for a lifetime.


There are times, I have cooled my saucepan –

then someone recreates tough circumstances

to put me back on heat of the burning stove:

but I sit through if it’s worth the relationship.


After a point with close people I lose patience –

as with those I don’t care to waste my emotions:

as I cut off all their gasoline supply into my life,

to power off negativity I disconnect their stove.


The company of people I seek only out of a choice –

is what gives me self-assured strength, resilience:

for without the ability to tune inward to yourself –

loneliness will come by visiting you for a lifetime.


Imposed isolation now is a medication for those

who do not choose it in fear they might be alone –

if they stand up for their opposed self-conviction

to create formidable strength – from deep within.


PS – This prose poem is the froth from the pan of my current novel I’m writing 😊

#isolation #selfisolation #sunset #lockdown #coronavirus #lessonsfromisolation





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