‘Entwined Lives’— poetry or prose, few excerpts.


Poetry or prose, you decide😋…

I tend to merge the line a lot…below are a few excerpts from my novel ‘Entwined Lives’:

1.”Nascent love requires a lot of nurturing, just as a sapling that has been sown into the warm brown earth of your heart. If it is ignored by the one you love – the gardener, not weeded off scepticism, ego and fear, it will be plucked out by the errant bird – self-pride, transplanted on to the fertile soil of another planter who considers himself blessed by the gift of love.”

2.”Sympathy is the most easily available of all elixirs, while empathy and applause the most allusive. The dying man often has more well-wishers than does a robust one, just as failure attracts more camaraderie than success does, even though the trail to the latter is usually more precarious.”

3. “A bird when it flaps its wings to fly, does not fret about being alienated by the universe, it looks towards an endless sky, assured that at some point it will be joined by some close friends and some new, then they will fly in patterns of ethereal beauty, for all they left behind to see, not concerned with those whose eyes hurt to look at them due to the glare of the sun.”

4. “Love is like a fizzy cola drink. Only the bottle perceives the pressure inside till you open it, though the world sees its perky colour. Then once you uncork, it keeps fizzing for a while and is unsettling, gushing out and over, till it slowly settles down to allow you to enjoy it, cooling you in the process, till it drains out completely and then leaves you with an aftertaste sweet or sour. If you’ve enjoyed the drink, which you’ll truly indemnify only once the bitter-sweet flavour leaves your senses, you’ll crave for another one, perhaps similar, if not you’ll avoid it altogether for a long time to come.”

5. “Thoughts are like nectar – that words both spoken and written carry as Bees do, into the beehive of your mind. Then once sealed in with the honeycomb of your attitudes and values, they produce honey that feeds your soul for a lifetime.”

— Shuvashree Chowdhury, ‘Entwined Lives’ – literary fiction novel available globally on Amazon & also Kindle, and other online sites like Barnes and Nobles.
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Entwined Lives cover

A brief on my set of 4 books is here in the link: https://shuvashreechowdhury.com/2019/01/23/kindness-is-not-an-act-it-is-a-lifestyle-my-just-released-collection-of-short-stories-existences-and-the-set-of-4-books/


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