My Feline Family: in Isolation



In the photo: Tinni & Jason…on a date 😊


Tinni was the first one to arrive,

among the three kitten siblings –

spotted black, beige and white,

with wide eyes – a visual delight.


These kittens were a month old,

when they walked into our door

after the Persian tomcat – Dude,

for whom ours is – second home.


Tinni, Minni, and Rinni grew up

and were soon joined by Jason 

the tomcat, who now wooed all, 

impregnating them one by one.


Minni, was first one to give birth 

at six months – was a poor mom:

her instincts as yet undeveloped –

could not save her two newborn. 


Tinni, wasn’t she smart after all, 

so gave birth right on our couch:

then suckled, licked for warmth –

grabbing attention, with aplomb. 


We built a carton home – for Tinni,

as a week back we had for Minni;

Tinni squats on, guards her kitten –

must’ve sensed Minni grieve loss. 


Dude views his nieces detached,

as Jason gingerly prowls around:

after savouring Whiskas cat food –

our feline family lies locked-down.


The cats bring solace in isolation,

they are free to go out and prowl: 

aren’t carriers of deadly covid-19,

can return home to our neighbors. 


It’s a lesson – innocence is spared

from being carriers of coronavirus,

thrashing humanity onto its knees:

As nature avenges its exploitation.



PS: this is a continuation of the last two posts…

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d22f83eb-6219-4ea3-bf2f-3102e9b092a2This is Dude…😍Introducing him again here, click the link to read:


Jason is now wooing Rinni…☺️😄


The photos below are when Tinni, Minni and Rinni arrived😍…Dude is outside, Jason to the left, Tinni and Minni looking, wondering where they are – both snuggled up on the chair.





Tinni’s son Chotu below, 3 months old on 18th August 2020. 

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