‘Pride of India’: Talent Hunt, win.


Very pleased to have the opportunity to uphold the banner on behalf of Poetry, in an attempt to make it accessible to and for everyone, especially that many today think it is not relatable!
This win was judged from my poetry recital, on video …from my book titled ‘Fragments’. Could not have asked for better timing for divine reiteration, when my next poetry manuscript is ready!



When I was asked for my photo last Sunday evening, after having made it to the list of winners,  I forwarded this one above, after some deliberation – as to choose an appropriate one with these thoughts…

Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be…Integrity is key!
As a first year employee of an airline, in my mid-twenties, in 1995, I happened to meet a celebrity photographer at the Calcutta airport, as he waited to take the flight to Mumbai. He struck up a conversation, even as I was walking past him, going about my work. After he introduced himself, my immense interest in photography, propelled me into the seat beside him, as I had some time in hand before I rushed on to my allocation. His continued attentiveness, however, as I was to realise in due course of the conversation, was of me as subject of his photography rather than as pupil – who had my own camera with interest in photography since class v, and a Yashika I’d purchased myself in college with several years of my pocket money. While I was quizzing him on technicalities, he chose to reply only from the viewpoint of me as subject and though I could well do without his deeply intrusive gaze, my curiosity kept me looking back at him steadily.
“You cannot be a ramp model” he blurted, even though I didn’t even remotely ask him his opinion, “but you can do well as a still photo model…and your weight could be taken care of with the right camera angles.”
Now for a woman in her twenties, that statement on weight, even though I considered myself rather proportionate then, and how it was an impediment to my beauty could have sent me scuttling into depression or a crash diet and a severe exercise regime over my regular walks and gym workouts, but it didn’t.

It rather reiterated and firmed my resolve that I did not care to make an impression on the world with my looks unless it was a prelude to my professional attitude, my skills and talents.
Yet, I am that same woman who changed her clothes, even applied lipstick and eyeliner, and did up her hair, at 10pm of a January evening, on her way to the crematorium, accompanying the hearse carrying the remains of her father – who was perfectly alright even the night before. It was a huge shock.
I dressed only for myself that evening, to garner mental and emotional strength, even though I knew I could be judged as frivolous by the large crowd outside our house, who were waiting to accompany or see the hearse leave.
So as I sent this photo, one of my last taken – on the 8th of May 2020, after months of lockdown, rather than a smarter and crisp one from before, I reminded myself 😊…
Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be…that includes sharing my simple and relatable poetry, towards which I pay special attention – however profound the thoughts they might carry, openheartedly with the world as soon as they are out of my head.
I aspire that anyone who can just about read, begins to think of my poetry as confidants and companions in every walk of life…So obviously, I have to simplify it.
This, in the link, is how my debut poetry book commences its journey : https://shuvashreechowdhury.com/2017/11/13/my-lifes-vision/

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