Don’t spew Political hate on Us

Political affiliations and its loyalty is a great thing
to disburse love and harmony in cohabitation;
if you use it to your strength and advantage
for personal and societal development —
upholding values and principles that’re flagging.

Tell us all about strengths of your political party,
recount stories of valour that are humanitarian;
narrate the good that the party does for society,
instead of spewing hate in your disorientation —
from the security of your social media fortress.

Do not demonstrate all the hate you accumulated
from a life that didn’t go the way you expected,
for unless you let the hate out of your system —
life will never cease to torment your experiences,
burning you up, not the opposition you represent.

You’re very smart, we’ll grant you that honour —
but do not mistake it for our stupid unawareness,
or our inability to recognise your fear, insecurity
that you’re so steeped in through heroic gallantry,
you aim to project with sheer arrogant ignorance.

Allow us to respect your political orientations,
by not recouping to hateful mucky criticism;
and crushing under your tyrannical feet all civility
with any chance we’re going to be convinced —
of your repulsive views, or our orientation is banal!
— Shuvashree Chowdhury


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