Your Hidden Face


Your Hidden Face:

In the rain, on leaves I see your face-
Shapeless, green and tenderly faint;
Floating in my memory as in a haze,
Yet your soul I brazenly embraced.

You speak to me as soft as a breeze-
Caressing my face, tender on my skin;
Drops of rain fall steady on the roof,
As loud as your speechless words do.

Chirping of a range of birds that abound,
Trying to drown the sound of rain’s fall:
That drips steady drop by drop on walls,
But I hear dribs, pure as I do your voice.

Dark swimming clouds slowly waft by,
Clearing a lighted spectrum in the sky;
As a band of birds fly past a lit cosmos,
Drawing attention to your smiling face.

Now I see your face distinctly bright,
The one hidden so long from my sight;
It is the one I speak to in my dreams,
My imagination now has your sheen.




For long I waited to get a response —

A hope in my heart I silently nursed,

A dream I earnestly and joyously cherished —

One day I would have my wishes fulfilled.


I put in all the effort in my might —

With fervour I pursued my goals astride:

Along the way I neglected many other sights,

Cause I was so focused on getting it right.


On the way disappointments did come

When I thought my goal was out of sight:

It was then that I looked up to God —

A prayer in my heart — to light my path!


Today I stand at the Crossroads of Life,

Wondering which road my life will ignite:

The path to my right seems so uphill,

The one to the left looks easy but so still!


The road in front may take me too far off,

The one behind I might mistakenly leave behind!

How do I discern which road I need to take —

To reach my destination — my dreams to partake?


What if in the sole quest for my goal

I’m so far gone that all other paths close:

Will I ultimately  be happy I tried and lost —

Or will I be unhappy to have lost it all!