Imagination Of Love


Imagination Of Love


Why is it that I miss you so – only

 days since you’re at another shore?

Why am I not able to make you see

You’ve begun to mean the world to me?


Why does it not matter how you feel

So long as my heart can intone steadily?

After long, I now feel light and cheery,

Of my loneliness I’ve learnt to be free.


Thinking of ‘us’ now makes me smile

As in my imagination we have a life:

In which we wake together at dawn,

Each of us to our private thoughts.


Over tea as we overlook the blue sea-

From our balcony, amidst tall trees:

We see the sun beaming cheerily-

Caressing the sea – gurgling shyly.


As I giggled in your arms last night,

When you made love to me teasingly.

You never cease to make me smile,

As it also gives you a steady high.


In your mind you also play this scene-

 Where you make love to me tender, sweet.

Though in real life we’re as yet to meet,

I can now feel every inch of your being.


Imagination is like the gleam of the sun,

That permeates where nothing else can:

It warms or scorches us with its intense rays,

Shielding us from life’s cruel, virulent haze.


The lines above were inspired by the ones below:

“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.” ― Pablo Neruda



A Lonely Star


A Lonely Star

In life’s long journey, I needed a friend,
I looked in all directions- you let out your hand:
A life-saving shaft in a turbulent sea,
I grabbed it and held on as tight as can be.

Clinging to it, I swam to the shore,
The crowd, the neon lights scared me so;
I looked back to see the lean strong hand,
But, lo and behold, it just did not show.

Seeing the men and women cheer me so,
You thought I would let your hand go;
The men and women do not know my soul,
But you my friend were the crutch of my soul.

The men and women who cheer me so,
Only know the beauty at the fore;
They do not have time to look into the core-
Which my friend is what you alone know.

My heart and soul were yours to protect,
To safeguard from the feeling of unrest;
But you my friend would rather save a moth,
Brilliance of a butterfly could blind you thought.

Without the strength of your hand to shelter me,
Don’t you see I am just a caterpillar on a tree?
Come my friend give me your hand once more,
Turn me into a butterfly with shine and lore.

Wherever in the world I may fly or be,
Men and women will only behold me;
However, you my friend will only always see,
The brilliance that lies inside of me.

I am a lonely star don’t you see-
Lost in a galaxy of revelry?
Come my friend out of a caterpillar set me free,
Don’t you see I am a butterfly for the world to see?

PS: This was my first poem ever, written in Oct 2008. The photo is my childhood painting – from standard five, around 9/10 years. Butterflies seem to seize my fancy😊