A Morning Walk: Bekal, Kerala


As I strolled the rain-drenched beach

            With varied seashells strewing my feet:

They prickled my jute-sandaled heels

            Awakening my intellect to sight and feel.


The waves, they crashed loud on my right –

            Frothy they were, the sea looked as white;

Coconut, palm trees rustled to my left side,

            Birds manifested them – chirping loud, wild.


The sun didn’t yet seem remotely to show     

            But awaiting it the sky did lay out its glow;

As fissures developed through dark clouds –

            Light crept on me slowly, it was dainty now.


Then suddenly there came a burst of light,

            As I looked in awe I was suffused in dawn;

The birds now flew wild, chirped in delight,

            Waves crashed noisily, as sun then arrived.


I walked on still – a steady, slow pace now

            Digging my feet into limp, wet, steady sand:

For I wanted to reach far as sight would go –

            Curious to view what lay behind nature’s fore.


When suddenly I reached an L shaped curve –

            There the beach came to an abrupt, sharp halt;

I walked on further towards the big boulders

            To where – thereupon the sea flowed sideward.


It was here in flowing through green woods  

            An elegant river kissed the dandy sea’s lips:

Together they stood in earnest, tight embrace –

            Even though from them differences emanate.


The sea gurgled playfully, wild waves lashed,

            As serene – the river flanked by woods gushed;

I stood above watching their copious spree:

            The river blushed – as stroking it was the sea.


Yet they both retained their distinctive charm –

            One rough, the other tender: both so in love.

As I walked back leisurely in the soft sunlight –

            Nature’s lovemaking was intense on my mind.


It’s possible to love profusely, be free, distinct –

            Two people in love needn’t lose individuality.

The sea by now was calm, the birds gone quiet;                     

            Uniqueness in love: from nature I’d surmised.










Walk Of Life


Walk of Life

Hand in hand we walked the cobbled roads

Of the small French town, by the coast

The pretty villas slowly coming to life

Through French windows, sunlight peeking inside


Claret bougainvillea’s swaying in the breeze

Fanned the blue bells dancing on the trees

Tall pretty women opening their doors,

Along with their poodles to walk the road


Tiny cafés slowly opening their gates

Allowing the fresh coffee aroma to emanate –

From large percolators through the balustrade

Of the rooftops which well laid tables displayed


The winding roads led us to the sea shore

Where colorful fishing boats were ready to go

Morning joggers rushed passed our fore

As we stood watching the sun in full glow


I distinctly recall when we first met

In your eyes I saw my search end

For I had always wanted love to be

Bonding of soul, not just physical intimacy


You said you loved me for who I am

Not the pretty sight I make when I’m made up

What the world sees is not the real me

But you knew that, you knew my soul already


The comfort from start, in talking to you incessantly

Had allowed me to pour my heart totally

Since you had not seen me as yet, physically

Assured I was, that you loved my soul truly


Even now whenever I am with you

No pretense or dress I need to please you

The façade I wear is for the world to view

For you, I reserve only ‘me’ real and true


We have come a long, long way

In our lives, as we stand here today

Knowing together, we are meant to stay

Hand in hand, in life’s precarious gait