The Colours Of My Passion


 The Colours Of My Passion


I dialled your number so many a times

Love my love, why didn’t you reply?

It drove me crazy, it drove me wild

Knowing, you were at the end of the line.


You had said, I was not good for you

Cause, in my rage I had abused you

But you know darling, that it is true

I am jealous of anyone else near you


But now that you’ve let down your guard

And let me back again into your heart

Wait till I show you – oh my love!

The colour of my passion is not only green.


I wait in anticipation again on the road

For you to pick me up at my door

We drive away into the sunset once more

Heart to heart, soul to soul, together at the core


As we sit down by our favourite shore

My passion brighter than the setting suns glow

You kiss me tender, you kiss me soft

Igniting the cinders of your passion once more


Unable to withstand the longing any more

We mindlessly devour each other by the shore

The sky and sea, mute spectators to our spree

As we cling together like sand to the feet


How did you think you could let me go?

The longing inside you, gnawing you so

As you gently lower your head to taste my peak

A meteor, I shatter into a thousand stars in ecstasy


The myriad colours of my passion, love do you see –

Passing through the prism that is me? Purple, orange,

Vermilion, gold – green is not the only colour it knows.

 Oh my darling! Don’t you see, your light defines the hues in me




On The Horizon



I step onto the road once more

To drive away into the setting suns glow

Keeping the sea to the left side of me

We head to the place where, we first ever meet


The cobalt blue sea, flowing alongside of me

Emanates the hue, reflecting the sky true

The dark cloud overcast sky, making the boats pry;

The moist sea breeze, making love to me serene


En route, we alight for coffee and a bite,

The ducks and rabbits we feed our minds casual and free

You look tenderly at me, breaking through my reverie

I appear calm and serene, in spite of the wind tossing me


We then drive through the gate, to the garden ablaze

With tiny twinkling lights, my heart setting astride

By now my passion strong and true

Over my duty and vows falling through


We walk down the sandy shore

The warm moonlight setting our hearts aglow

The waves breaking on the coast

Louder than my heart and conscious’ row


The surf encircling our feet, your arms engulfing me-

You softly kiss my lips, like the moonlight kissing the sea’s tip

We gently descend on the sea shore, by now our passions a roar

The sand cradling me deep, a blanket of stars covering us steep


My passion now engulfing me, I look for the horizon in me

Looking back can I still see, the bright lights cajoling me?

I let myself go, knowing for sure I can return once more

To the lights – my vows beckoning me, I’m not far gone you see.