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As she walked into the hall that night

She was the cynosure of all eyes

With elegance and poise she passed on by

Introduced to everyone who came in sight


Long brown hair cascading to her waist

Peaches crème complexion illuminating her face

Tall and slender was her frame

A disarming smile she displayed


The men, they looked at her with a sigh

Transported now to a different high

Drowning themselves in her deep brown eyes

She sensuously smiled at them in the dim light


Women looked at her, at first in awe

Soon the insecurities in them, devoured

Unable to return her beaming smile

They greeted her with nods that were snide


The party by now was in full swing

People immersed in the food and drinks

Music setting the mood for everyone

Allowing them to lower their guard


Every man at the party that night

Feasted on the beauty of the movie star alright,

Imagining they could make her their bride

For their wives did not shine so bright


To admire the brilliance of a shooting star is fine

So long as you value the STAR by your side

Cause a meteor is just an amazing streak of light –

A falling star caused by tiny bits of rock and dust in sight.

One thought on “A SHOOTING STAR

  1. Beautiful! I m still at a loss of words searching for the correct adjective.

    Happy writing 🙂

    Sent from my iPod

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