Thoughts On Life: A SUNRISE



From my bed I saw the light
An orange, purple, yellow sight
Darkness below colours’ thick-
Sky merging with sea at night

Slowly from the light there rose
Distinct from the myriad hues-
An orange ball of bursting light
Illuminating nearly half the world

As I gazed awestruck by the sight
The ball turned yellow, lit the sky
The sea shimmering with its light-
Gurgling loudly, slowly went quiet

The wind on my cheeks moist, cool
  I watched sunlight fill up my room
The birds silent, tired of chirping-
The world gently started its song

It was the beginning of a new day
The genesis of a new phase today
With light, warmth and HOPE-
A new life, lovingly I gently grope

The past is no longer in my control
So the present I joyously behold
With joy and love I embrace today
A beautiful future for me enfolds

There comes a time in your life, when you have to leave the past behind, move onto what’s new and bright, for only then a new life you’ll inscribe.

It’s time to embrace new friends – who open up their lives and want you to step in; leave those who have long shut their hearts; carry those along – who never leave your side whether you’re a success or a failure in life, knowing how hard you’ve tried to scale every rung you climbed, falling flat on your face so often, while they have great luck they’ve been given.
It’s painful but it’s true – you outgrow relationships and friendships once true, just like you do clothes and shoes too. Why then do I keep holding on to the past – embedded in my heart, not allowing new relationships to flourish – afraid they will not match what was but is long lost and gone.

PS – This picture was taken through the window, from my bed in Pondicherry








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