Together For A Day



As we stood there by the sea shore –

            Lost in our private thoughts galore;

The waves crashing loudly on the shore,

            Reminding us we were together no more.


Tomorrow will decide our love’s destiny –

            A love that once was, but can now never be:

Since we have come a long, long way now

            Leaving our love far behind somehow.


As the judge unties our marriage vows

            Setting us free from the clutches of doubt:

No longer will we be together from now –

            Can we not remain friends somehow?


Tomorrow is as yet another day one more –

            Today is what we have for sure:

Deciding to be the ‘perfect couple’ for today –

            In the hope this memory will forever stay.


Leaving our inhibitions behind for a day

            We drive away to that faraway place:

For one last time we defy our sealed fate

            To change what has now become hate.


The room is cozy, warm and true –

           But it’s our passion that rings untrue:

Just one more time can’t we honestly be

            Happy – like we once used to be?




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