The World As I See It: A Diary Of Random Thoughts – 1.


12th December, 2013:

Sympathy is the most easily available of all elixirs, while empathy and applause the most allusive. The dying man often has more well-wishers than does a robust one, just as failure attracts more camaraderie than success does, even though the trail to the latter is usually more precarious.

24th November, 2013:

A bird when it flaps its wings to fly, does not fret about being alienated by the universe, it looks towards an endless sky, assured that at some point it will be joined by some close friends and some new, then they will fly in patterns of ethereal beauty, for all they left behind to see, not concerned with those whose eyes hurt to look at them due to the glare of the sun.

21st Sept, 2013:

In the last two decades, I’ve confidently – promoted, campaigned, even given interviews to both print and television media – for products and services ranging from tour packages, airline seats, luxury-hotel rooms, branded jewellery, skincare, lifestyle stores, bookstores, mother care and children’s products, a café, even promoted humans in executive search, and what not…but now when it comes to promoting myself, my book, I feel a debilitating fear of rejection :)… of my first born…

31st July, 2013:

My life’s been like a game of ‘snakes and ladders’… Just when I think I’ve climbed a tall ladder, and am getting closer to the finish, I inadvertently step onto the head of a sneaky snake (circumstance) and I’m back down again to start the climb over on another ladder. However, though I keep changing ladders, and I step over numerous snakes …I never quit the game…

There comes a time in your life, when you have to leave the past behind, move onto what’s new and bright, for only then a new life you’ll inscribe.

It’s time to embrace new friends – who open up their lives and want you to step in; leave those who have long shut their hearts; carrying those – who never leave your side whether you’re a success or a failure in life, knowing how hard you’ve tried to scale every rung you climbed, falling flat on your face so often, while they have great luck they’ve been given.

It’s painful but it’s true – you outgrow relationships and friendships once true, just like you do clothes and shoes too. Why then do I keep holding on to the past – imbedded in my heart, not allowing new relationships to flourish – afraid they will not match what once was – though its long lost and gone.


I have added to these thoughts in subsequent posts over the years…sharing the links below: please click each separately to read.

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