Valentines Day thoughts on Love : A Symphony


  A Symphony


What is it that we want in our lives?

Is it a human love or a love truly divine?

A love that will see us through thick and thin

Or love that throws all caution to the wind


Do we want love to be a harmonious song

Calmly serenading us till life’s dusk, from dawn

Or do we wish that it be a rock concert lifelong

Perhaps an orchestra that smoothly plays along


Do we want love to be a canoe riding the waves

Tossed excitingly in a turbulent sea full of rage

Or we want it to be a boat anchored safe and secure

Watching life go by from the moonlit sandy shore


Thrills and excitement in life are so transient

That which survives the long haul is worthy and real

Then why for ephemeral joys do we plunge into a sea

Colorful and frisky everything in it though it seems to be 


The thrills of going to sea could drown us painfully

Should we then not be anchored to steady love, dutifully?

Composing a Symphony of myriad hues and notes

Finding in it everlasting love, peace and hope.











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