Writing Versus Acting, and Insanity


Writing versus Acting, and Insanity 😃: Writing fiction (a novel more than a short story) is tediously different from acting in a film, in that you have to be able to make your reader enact the scenes in their head as the director would in a film, whereas while acting you merely enact them yourself.
In both cases, you have to get into the minds and under the skin of your characters, and feel them through all your senses. You laugh with them, cry with them, love and hate with them. You become your characters completely, living in their souls or rather their souls live in you.

But in writing, you’re not only the director, but an entire film crew. You choose the location, create the setting, choose the props and above all humour and engage your actors – who in this case are your readers, with the choicest of words and analogies, so they don’t get bored, and they complete the act you direct – uptill the end of the novel, all in their minds.
😃 Little wonder, writers, especially fiction writers who delve deep into their characters psyche, seem insane. Go and provoke them while in the midst of their incomplete work, whether or not at their desk, at your own peril. As they are playing so many characters at once in their head, and are emotionally in hypersensitive mode, that you don’t know which persona might jump out and verbally scathe you!
Then they come to their senses, bring out water to dowse the fire and balm to soothe scars. 😃

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