The Path I Built



The Path I Built…

In my search for light
that will illuminate my life,
also give me peace and quiet,
with a purpose that overrides strife,
I dreamt of a garden path
flowing over a stream of views
I have channeled lifelong,
out of many an uphill walk
at varied jobs,
in quest for the meaning
of my birth.

Little did I envision then,
the path I dreamt of
was the most arduous yet,
as it was guarded
by zealous gardeners
who only grew flowers
they could sell well,
whereas I nurtured my garden
with all good intent
to nourish and keep people
inherently well.

After many a crushing defeat
to walk the mercantile literary path,
when I was almost ready to give up,
I decided to build my very own path
which would take people
over a stream of thoughts and words
to a well manicured garden
where they could rest
their wearied minds,
recoup their inherent strength
to face the dilemmas of life.

PS: I just clicked these photos over my morning walk and I scribbled these lines sitting by the lake here with the chilly wind blowing on my face…Sharing it right away as I love spontaneity…Will edit it later at home to add to my collection.
😊This is how I write poems…I’m most inspired by nature.



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