Don’t Write Me Off!


Don’t Write Me Off… 😃😂🤓


I might be past my prime of youth –

but see, I’m aging gracefully;

don’t write me off – I’m old wine,

my words – a rehearsed symphony.


The sparkle in my traversed eyes

has withstood life’s numerous storms;

as for my smile – it’s braved treacheries 

and yet can inspire many a curiosity.


I might as well be losing physical agility,

but my mind’s a pliant willow tree:

It’s osiers now weave thoughtful word baskets – 

as its timber – long shaped cricket bats – of youth.


I’ve never listened to anyone over my heart,

as people preach out of experiences of failure:

as I prefer to be guided by stories of success,

and not let fear – but intuition, hope be my leader.


So don’t write me off, till you taste my word elixirs

of curiosity and awe that keep me inspired:

My heart’s an airbag now – braces rejections and failures, 

for my soul’s nurtured a banyan sapling of self-esteem.













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