“The Flame of the Forest tree in my Courtyard”



You came into my life like the thunderstorm,
bringing an essence of rain on parched ground.
Winds of your words draped me in green hope,
causing in my soul expectant tumultuous uproar.
I stand alone, wrapped in imaginary petrichor,
expectantly waiting for the overnight downpour.
But you just hover above – as big rain clouds
watching in anticipation, waiting to give succour.
Draped in tangerine I’m drenched in longing:                                                                 
drizzle after squall won’t satiate flames of passion.
So you await the sizzle shower creates on leaves –
dry and flaming: to gush over me full muscle.


PS: I watched a late evening show yesterday – of the Hindi film “Judgemental hai kya’ – the trailer is in the link below.
And woke up and typed this poem spontaneously on my phone early this morning. 😋I am inspired by intense literature and performances…and both Kangana and Rajkumar Rao are masters of their acts.
😛But after watching the movie I’m worried – as like her in the film as a dubbing artist, I too can take on the roles of characters I’m writing about just like I was them!



#inspiration #poetrylovers #creativity #poet #poetslife #bollywoodfilm #rajkumarrao #kanganaranaut


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