‘My Spiritual Alcove’: Social Distancing & Isolation



“My Spiritual Alcove”

I love the cozy haven this alcove now provides –

under a window – cushions over mattress recline:

curtains drawn upon the bedside give me respite,

from my restlessness – also prying curious eyes.


Lounging at this villa’s poolside since predawn –

in a first floor window alcove – on our sojourn:

I watch birds in flight begin their day in a song –

curtains of darkness from the theater withdraw. 


I view the sky’s stage crack up into a soft dawn –

cool breeze as if it were goading it’s meltdown,

as like a poached egg it’s sunny side cracks out

spilling into its white – now coagulated in form.


Wind whirring on the backwaters of the Ganges

flowing by sideways – behind the landscape pool:

reminds me to put the electric kettle on to a boil, 

for tea might soothe my anxiety – bring me sleep.


Over honey-green tea I contemplate on the book:

In search for a meaning of my life I’ve withstood 

a bevy of storms crashing on me since my birth – 

as like the rock of Gibraltar I’ve faced life’s wrath. 


But if I lose faith in my future it’s surely doomed,

along with losing my well fortified spiritual hold:

in letting myself decline at any crisis that arrives,

subjecting myself to mental and physical decay.


Sunlight by now has brightened my mind’s eye,

as it’s warmth percolates over the eastern sky:

life’s storms I view with objective deep meaning –

as it’s guided by purpose – in my case my writing.


My life’s stage now well lit – mind calm I lie down

with soft sun’s rays lighting up my face and arms:

In spite of it I now fall asleep, for my mind is still –

emotions with a clear perspective cannot wring it.


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